Fandom Studios Announces Brooke Richey has been cast for the role of Asta in the film: “VELVET: Blue Assassin”


Brooke Richey as Asta in VELVET: Blue Assassin


An ex-agent turned assassin for hire tracks down rogue government spies but her past brings her face-to-face with a formidable opponent.

Fandom Studios is proud to announce that they have cast Brooke Richey IG: @Richey.Model ( in the role of Asta for their new Robert J. Butler (Robert J. Butler) action, thriller, drama and mystery film — “VELVET: Blue Assassin“.

This is a story of a single-minded ex-agent turned assassin who uses her specific skills to enact justice on those who betrayed her.

The film will be Directed, Produced, and Penned by Robert J. Butler (“Real. Again. short film festival winner; The Secret Stake Society Chronicles short film winner”).

About Brooke Richey
Brooke is a photographer with a love for animals, art and cosplaying. She spends her free days at home playing video games or watching anime, when she gets motivated she loves to draw or paint. Brooke is nervous but excited and ready to be a part of Roberts “Velvet: Blue Assassin” playing the role of Asta. Brooke stated “After talking with Robert I felt I was manifested for this role! Robert told me I had the exact image he was looking for to play Asta. Although I’ve never acted before I’m very excited to be a part of this creation“.

About Fandom Studios
Fandom Studios was created by Robert J. Butler to make films and tv shows for fans by fans of cinema. The goal is to create original works and touch on multiple topics and genres.

About Robert J. Butler
Robert J. Butler is a filmmaker based in Celina TX. Born and raised on the East Coast Robert moved to TX in 2000 to follow a technical career after graduating from Drexel University with a Mechanical Engineering degree. Over the past several years, Robert has focused on creating original stories and developing short, TV shows and feature films. IMDb:

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